Are You A Truth Revolutionary?

Posted: February 15, 2010 in The Truth Revolution Book

Not everyone is a revolutionary at heart. Comfortable traditions suit the majority of people.

Our guess is that you are not typical of the majority; otherwise you would not still be reading and exploring. So, we’ll make the assumption that you have the open heart and mind that characterizes a revolutionary in the truest sense of the word. And, as such, you are on the verge of a discovery that will change everything.

Ponder this question for a moment: What do you know about the ultimate revolutionary, Jesus? What do you truly know about his character and nature? What do you know about His main misson and purpose?

Traditionally, the church has provided answers that few have questioned or explored. Most people have found those answers confusing, but few have seriously questioned or explored what they have been taught.

Have you ever wondered how God and Jesus could somehow be the same being? Does the idea that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are “co-equal and co-eternal” seem confusing?

And what about afterlife: does going to heaven at death to play a harp on a pink cloud truly appeal to you? Does the idea of deceased loved ones looking down from heaven at the trials and tragedies of their families and friends in this life seem like a perfect existence to you?

And what about the main purpose of Jesus: was it really all about His death, burial, and resurrection? What was He doing the other three and a half years of His adult work? How many people understand what He meant when He spoke of the kingdom of heaven and kingdom of God?

If you’ve ever read the Book of Acts in the New Testament of the Bible, have you wondered why the church seems to have “lost its steam” two thousand years later? Is it possible that erroneous teachings have affected individual lifestyles and the collective relationships of church members?

Many people find these questions threatening. Answers are best left to Bible scholars and theologians. But, there are rare individuals who yearn for solid answers, regardless of the implications for their traditionally-held beliefs.

You are still reading, so we believe you are one of those rare individuals.

Welcome to The Revolution.

  1. Nathan John says:

    Hello my name is Nathan and I’ve struggled to walk with God my entire life and it was not until recently I have come to a firm standing on the Identity of our Lord Jesus Christ, however I’ve looked and found that no churches locally support my belief and I am often having my faith put to a test.
    I believe that Jesus was the Son Of God,who sits at the Fathers right hand and was givin all authority of Heaven and earth who will judge us all according to our hearts I believe that God appointed him as the rightous Judge becuase he was also a Son of man whom The father was well pleased!I don’t support a pre-existance of our Lord but as the Father knew Jeremiah before he was created he also knew his Son and Loved him. I am not trying to preach but like I have said It’s just me and the Father through our Lord who has revealed this to me however since I lack fellowship with other believers, I am seeing if there are others who feel as I do. I do not want to allow myself to be deceived and if I am wrong I seek the wisdom of fellow believers.

    • Steve Taylor says:

      Nathan, I’d like to thank you for your honest, heartfelt note. I sense your strong conviction on the nature of Jesus, as well as the very real struggle you face with this great truth. Indeed, the enemy is strongly opposed to those who embrace and stand for this truth.

      I am moved by your “I believe” statements. You sound resolute.

      Indeed there are those who stand with you in this precious truth, and we would love to fellowship with you. I am in the Phoenix, AZ area, but there are likeminded believers in many areas.

      Thank you again for your post, and for your belief and stand. Be encouraged in knowing you do not stand alone.


    • Jeff says:

      Hi Nathan, Thank you for sharing your situation. You may have already thought of this, but when Elijah was feeling isolated and alone, the Lord brought to his awareness the fact that there were 7000 others who had remained faithful to God. He was not alone. You are not alone. Know that the Lord is with you and there are others who share this faith in Jesus as the human son of God whom God raised. I will pray for you. Be strong in the Lord. Check out the website and you will hear many affirming messages and have access to streaming video worship services.

  2. Nathan John says:

    Thank You very much for the encouragement as I desperetly needed it. I can get myself so discouraged as I still have many personal strongholds. Grace and Peace to you and your ministry from God our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen

    • sltaylor says:

      Be assured, Nathan, that like-minded believers exist and stand ready to encourage and help as we are able. I would be happy to hear more about your journey and situation through personal email (

  3. ChuckJ says:

    Nathan you are indeed a part of the rising revolution of truth. There are times when we feel alone, like Elijah did, but God is in control. He knows who are His. I’m next “door” to Steve Taylor. I live in Pomona California. Our congregation publishes a magazine six times a year I can send to you free of obligation. I’d also invite you to listen to There is a lot of good material and news about the Church of God there. You can email me at You aren’t alone in your walk of faith.

  4. ChuckJ says:

    I see the email address is wrong. It should be

  5. Mark says:

    I am thrilled to hear your testimony!There are many opportunities to strengthen your understanding’s and faith on the web. Pastor Steve has many sermons posted online, take sometime to investigate this resource, as well as, the resource that Chuck has shared.


  6. Darryl Mcletchie says:

    I am writing to you after watching your video I am encourage, My belief has radically changed after recovering from a major life threatening work related accident in 2008 Oct 5th seventy five percent of my body was burnt very limited use of my hands & legs, able to typing with the aid of pencil turned eraser end down.
    I embarked on a personal revolution, spiritual surgery, removing all that tradition I attained in my early walk having contracted all that spiritual garbage from Catholicism, World Wide Church of GOD, Seventh Day Adventist, Churches of Christ etc. in my honest searching of scripture I could not continue with the traditional Trinity concept after submerging myself into Sir Anthony Buzzard’s work, about the only one who is truly GOD [eh chad Yahweh], the lord Messiah the man Jesus Highly Exalted Human Superior and the kingdom message.
    Freedom from Orthodoxy I have no present vocabulary to explain this freedom.

    • sltaylor says:

      Hello Darryl –

      So very glad for your post, and your testimony. It sounds as though you have had a remarkable journey, both physically and spiritually. I especially like your concluding comment, “I have no present vocabulary to explain this freedom”. Labels and vocabulary and indeed inadequate in in summarizing and communicating the “revolution” that we have experienced.

      I hope that we will have the opportunity to dialog often.

  7. Darryl Mcletchie says:

    I am in a similar situation with Nathan and have not met anyone on my island who share the same belief, with the exception of my wife who continue to stand by me through it all. I am from the island of Trinidad West Indies.
    This has not prevented me from talking to anyone willing to listen about the one God and his Son, while refuting the Trinity concept, I certainly come across strange in their hearing.

  8. Nathan John says:

    It sure seems that we are few and far between doesn’t it! Thanks be to God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ for the people who strive every day to bring this Truth to others and carry it with all boldness in our everyday living. Though I am young and have many strongholds I know in my heart that our Lord will lead us to the promised land above. I have lately strayed apart from the Truth I have come to know and set priorities to more worldy thoughts it is so easy to do so! but as I read others responses I find myself lifted and my mind back where I like it to be which is far above myself. Thanks to you all again for the uplifting support.

  9. Brian Wright says:

    Hi Steve.

    Enjoyed Chuck’s presentation on the blog at the Conference this morning. One statement in particular jumped out at me that I would like to ask about.

    You asked the question, “Have you ever wondered how God and Jesus could somehow be the same person?”

    I was wondering why you used the word “person” instead of “being”? Prior to becoming a Unitarian I never thought that God and Jesus were the same person. I believed that they were the same being.

    • sltaylor says:

      Brian –

      You raise a good point regarding this. “Person” was likely not the best choice. I am in agreement that “being”
      would be better and will change it.

  10. Jim says:

    Are you, or have you been in anyway connected with the group started by Hebert W. Armstrong?

    • sltaylor says:

      Jim –

      Thanks for raising this question. No, we do not nor have not ever had any affliation with the Armstrong momvement. We do, however, have ex-members of the group who fellowship with us.

  11. Darryl Mcletchie says:

    Hi, It is interesting that the Armstrong movement is mentioned as I have had some contact with them. My main problem was understanding their teaching pertaining to born again {born from above] and being begotten. My simple conclusion was, it happen to the believer now in this life as 1,2 & 3 John explains, as oppose to at the resurrection as they taught. History show their doctrine changed and some members I know personally, have switch to the opposite spectrum along with a change of GOD’S identity.
    Recently I was exchanging beliefs concerning the only one who is truly GOD with a husband and wife,his response to me was “You have not received the revelation of the spirit as yet”, he then drew the three circle diagram to explain the trinity, using the word mystery in his explanation. It is clear to me some members have moved from their two God concept to three {TRINITY}.
    With all that said, I believe I am in the ex-Members category of W.C.O.G, S.D.A, Catholic and C of Christ.

  12. sltaylor says:

    Darryl –

    I know quite a few people who were involved in the Armstrong movement, and am familiar with the born again concept they taught. I would disagree on the basis that you do as well.

    It is tragic that the trinitarian doctrine has been embraced. I believe the “revelation of the Spirit” leads instead to a non-trinitiarian understanding.

    Labels are difficult, aren’t they? I’m connected with a fellowship of churches, but ultimately identify with The Truth Revolution movement. I consider it to be the place where radical truth (mortality of man, resurrection, sovereignty of Yahweh God, sonship of Jesus, kingdom of God on earth, annihilation of the wicked, etc) meets lifestyle.

    Blessings on you in your truth journey.

  13. David Fox-Triplett says:

    I’m a Messianic Netzarim with no place to congregate. The only Messianic shuls in town are trinitarian and I feel as an outcast to the MJ comunity and to the Christian community… thus the only place for me to attend without what I feel is trinitarian idolatry is at a regular synagogue… However, they do not teach about Messiah, and my belief in Messiah makes me an outcast there as well. What I believe is wrong to Jews, and wrong to Messianic Jews, and wrong to mainstream Christianity.

    Jews don’t agree with me because I’m messianic and believe that Yeshua was the promised redeemer and Moshiach. To them Messianic Jews are counterfeit Jews. Most Messianic congregations have heavily greek-influenced Nicean doctrine and actively seek to convert Jews to this trinitarian religion (quite nastily). Thus, an association with Yeshua is an association with idolitary.

    Messianic Jews who are mostly trinitarian are just freak out if I say Messiah is not G-d. And all the people who wise up involved with Messianic Judaism forsake Messiah and convert to Orthodox Judaism out of not being able to sort it.

    Mainstream Christianity thinks my faith has been nailed to the cross, that Messiah did away with the word of G-d and, as a slap in the face to G-d that he is G-d. All products of the Trintiy and other doctrines created in the Trinity’s defense.

    I have felt completely cut-off from EVERYONE due to my beliefs. Either I keep my mouth shut about Messiah and attend synagogue. Or I have to put up with idolatry of the worst kind (usurping G-d with His own Messiah). I’m at a loss and have always wanted to start a revolution… because of the “bleeding edge” feeling of this, I’m disheartened. Everyone thinks I’m a babbling idiot when I discuss my Biblical faith and gives me patronizing looks and sighs like “Oh you poor spiritually immature person. Jesus will teach you one day.”

    Please sign me up.

    Trinity= 3 good “gods” and 1 really bad “god”. Polytheism anyway that you dice it.

    Let’s kick the tires and light the fires, and throw this unbiblical trinity in it and restore faith in the One True G-d. The G-d of our fathers, the G-d of Abraham, G-d of Isaac, and the G-d of Jacob.

    • sltaylor says:

      David –

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story and your struggle. It may seem like little consolation to you in your isolation to know that there are other like-minded believers, but be assured that there are, and we too have faced ridicule for these biblical beliefs. The trinitarian doctrine has been disasterous in keeping many from true biblical faith and understanding.

      Let’s stay in touch. I hope that we can be an encouragement to you as you embrace the true faith and grwo in it.



  14. David Fox-Triplett says:

    Thank you. It is just very disheartening that such a travesty has happened. If you think about it, it’s Identity theft of the worst kind. Here we have a situation where the very agent G-d has chosen, His very own Messiah is twisted and used into a tool that is used to “usurp” G-d Himself, and the doctrine (trinity) also needs an additional doctrine (other replacement theologies) to say that G-d’s word has too been done away with, and that Messiah taught this. This is because the bible screams that G-d is one, and screams contradictions to the trinitarian view. Thus additional doctrine has been taught that the very faith the true Messiah believed is null and void. In addition, the purpose of the Gospel, the Kingdom of G-d has been done away with. Now we all want to go live on pink fluffy clouds… We teach this world does not matter, that it is only a test. That we won’t see this world again. All of it absolutely rubbish. G-d, his Messiah, his plan for Creation all undermined by the Trinity. One has taken Messiah and turned him into the one written about in 2nd Thessalonians 2:3-4

    Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. 4 He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called G-d or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be G-d.

    Scary, scary…. scary stuff dude! I would not gamble on the Trinity or any like doctrine.

    If the Father of Truth, taught that He is One. This is the first and most important of all Commandments/Mitzvot. Then what would the “Father of Lies” teach? What would be the first to break? This I truly believe is all part of G-d’s plan, as I do not believe the Satan can do anything without G-d’s allowing it.

    I’ve been cut-off from everyone, and Baruch HaShem I have found great places like this, and, Restoration Fellowship, and ONLY in the last FEW days. It is an answer to my prayers and has given me the strength and courage to speak up about what I so deeply believe – that which resonates within the very core of my being. I’ve found that everything that I’ve believed for so long is actually shared by a community. I’ve looked long and hard, and have only found only a handful of people…

  15. Darryl Mcletchie says:

    Hi , I have not been here for a while but I kept researching the doctrine of the Trinity and traditional Christianity as a whole.
    I am fully convinced that the average church member does not understand what his denomination really believes, I myself was one of the same but, with a honest heart had to change and continue doing so presently.
    I am looking around in my island of a population of 2,000,000 plus for similar believers very difficult or impossible to find.
    The trinity teaching is an extremely Powerful doctrine, as my mind is renewed daily with who Yeshua and YHWH really are in its biblical context I sometimes feel very lonely embracing this One GOD and lord Messiah of the bible, yet I cannot resist TRUTH, I must continue on this road toward the Kingdom of GOD. Sometimes I attend a bible study at a local church, five minutes into the study I know my time was wasted.

    I hope into the near future I will meet someone other than my wife who believes GOD is One.

    • sltaylor says:

      Darryl –

      So good to hear from you again. I just attended a Conference of non-trinitarian believers and shared your recent post with several. Your testimony is a great encouragement to us, even as our hearts go out to you in your isolation there. How I would love to come and visit with you and encourage you on your journey of truth! What a joy it would be to discover other like-minded believers, or to share truth and have others respond with open hearts and minds.

      Keep up your good work, and keep in touch. We will do all we can to encourage you across the miles.

  16. David Fox-Triplett says:

    Shalom Darryl! I’m glad you found this place! I really share your feeling of being alone. From what I know about this group, they are a group of pioneers, carving a trail towards the truth, much ahead of the rest. “Point-man” is a very lonely place.

    Welcome to the revolution! Be sure to visit the other sites listed in the “resources” section. You’ll find great teachings, videos, and communities to participate in online.

    Best wishes!

  17. sltaylor says:

    David –

    Thank you for posting, and the kind remarks. It is the sincere desire of many of us to reignite the 1st-century revolution of truth. Although many of us here have fellowship with one another, we are still a small band of believers in a world of Hellenistic christianity. But, as with the early believers, we fully believe the One true God and Jesus Messiah, His Son, can work through a small group to impact a big world.

    Keep up your good work and faithfulness. You are a joy and encouragement to us.


  18. Darryl Mcletchie says:

    Hello, David & sltaylor

    Thanks to all for those encouraging words as we together focus on the kingdom and its message. I recognize the importance of God’s promises pertaining to the age to come, it is this hope and trust in Him [YHVH]& the lord Messiah, that will keep us.
    As we battle traditional Christianity which sometimes tries to regenerate itself along our path toward truth.
    I fight this by daily bible study and revisiting and re-examine all information I obtained from those recommended sites.Thanks for making available video & audio from the 2010 One GOD Conference on 21st Century Reformation Home page.
    May Yahweh continue to bless all effort to maintain real scriptural TRUTH and accuracy.

  19. Frank D says:

    Good morning, Steve. Found this linked through Please include us on your Truth Revolution list.

    Thank you and God Bless.

    P.S. It may seem strange but we are finding some trinitarians interested in listening to the truth where we are currently serving. Not rocking the boat but being honest with people when they ask us what we believe. We have not been kicked out but God has brought us honor in the eyes of men and increased our responsibilities here. If you are open to some coffee, would like to come by and discuss sometime in the near future.

    • sltaylor says:

      Hello Frank –

      I’m slow in seeing your comments and responding. Glad you found our site. I believe all you need do is click the button at the bottom of this page to receive updates. We’ll be glad to have you on board.

      It is good to hear of your experiences in sharing the truth about God and Jesus. That seems like good indication that you have been placed there to reach a wider audience with truth. God bless in those efforts.

      Sure, I’d be glad to chat over a cup of coffee. Give me a call at 480.242.9290 at your convenience.


  20. virginia reynolds says:

    Hi, just to say, you have said all the things I have said to the blog of Restoration Fellowship. I have not seen the video but look
    forward to listening to it. My mother in law and I do not speak about
    religion we are poles apart. I am sorry to say she believes that
    jesus is God and that she prayes for me to have her understanding,
    NO THANKS. The Father is the one true God, there is no other.
    Jesus is His human Son, who will bring His Fathers Kingdom to the
    earth when he returns. I know we have some horrendus times to go
    through, but we must not be afraid or worry because these things
    must come. I am happy to admit to people that I am a biblical
    unitarian and what I believe. Others have no idea how the truth
    give us such freedom. Virginia

    • sltaylor says:

      Thanks for your comments, Virginia. We do certainly face opposition to truth, and sometimes from within our families. I’m glad for your strong stand and conviction. We must be bold and winsome with the precious message we are entrusted with. Surely we will be given strength for the challening times ahead.



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