The Essential Six

Posted: June 11, 2013 in The Truth Revolution Book

A wise sage once summarized his faith: God is One, and number one; Jesus is the Son of God, not God the Son, heaven will be on earth, and not the other way around; the dead are really dead; therefore, resurrection is the key; and, lifestyle is the issue. Basic as these may sound, they are the basis for a truth revolution. These revolutionary six are well supported biblically, yet strangely ignored and obscured throughout the ages. 

The older I get, the more I see the wisdom of a wise man’s faith summary. Seeing through the tradition of a trinitarian view of God and Jesus, the immortality of the soul, and the heaven escapism of Platonic Greek philosophy, these truths are truly liberating (John 8.32). No better foundation for life and living can be found than these essential six.

The challenge before you, dear reader, is to apply the “Acts 17.11 mentality” to these things – carefully check them out for biblical veracity. Is there biblical support for the oneness of God? For Jesus as the Son of God, not God the Son? For the importance of the kingdom of God message? The sleep of the dead? The day of resurrection? A holy lifestyle? I believe these essential six will stand up to the test of scripture, and will ignite a revolution among those who passionately embrace and proclaim them.

Are you willing to be a truth revolutionary? Are you willing to examine the evidence? Will you stand, empowered in Holy Spirit, amidst opposition to these truths? Will you join forces with like-minded believers who have verified these essential six? 

  1. J Tucker says:

    Why couldn’t most trinitarians agree w/ this, for many cannot explain the trinity even in orthodox terms? Sad but true in my interaction w/ trinitarians, even highly educated ones. Many are questioning the traditions of their denomination or group and monotheism is an awesome place to start, considering the words of Jesus to the scribe as to the greatest commandment, “hear O Israel the LORD our God is one LORD,” (Mk. 12:29ff). Isn’t the One (echad) and only God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, also the One God of the gentile nations, past and present?

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