Picture yourself in the open door of a light prop airplane flying three miles high, about to make a jump. Conspicuously absent is a bulging pack on your back containing a life-saving parachute.  But then a parachute isn’t necessary; you’re headed down to the safety of a large, billowing cloud several hundred feet below.

     So, out you go through the open door, pummeled immediately by a blast of frigid air at the height and speed you are traveling. Free falling at nearly one hundred fifty miles per hour, the large cloud below is now only minutes away. Appearing to rise up to you rapidly as you descend, the soft deceleration it will bring to your rapid descent will be welcome relief.    

     The moment of contact is quickly approaching, but as you brace for the initial deceleration, you suddenly realize that the well-defined border of the giant cumulus is merely wispy vapor. Terror-stricken at the awful realization of truth, you now know – much too late – that your knowledge of clouds was fatally flawed.

     Absurd as this skydiving tale might sound, it well illustrates a far more perilous “leap of faith” great numbers of people are willing to take in the area of truth and tradition. Rather than carefully researching all they hear taught in the name of truth, they choose instead to jump in blind faith. Far too often, their truth assumption is as flawed as our skydiving example of faulty cloud facts.

     The adage, “look before you leap”, pertains well to both truth and skydiving. The perils of misinformation are all too obvious in our skydiving example, but perhaps less so in the realm of biblical truth. The example of a school classroom test takes precedent over our skydiving analogy, as the assumption is made that, come judgment day, God will somehow “grade of the curve”. Sincerity, no matter how misguided, must certainly factor in to God’s kingdom entrance requirements. But, our skydiving example serves us especially well in this area – no matter how sincere our skydiver is in his/her belief about the nature of clouds, the truth is destined to be tragically evident.

     Are you willing to risk the prospects of life in the age to come on assumptions that you have never tested or researched? Are you truly willing to gamble eternal life on the presumed truth others teach and proclaim? Sadly and tragically, a majority of people – as exhibited by their attitudes and actions – are clearly declaring, “Yes”, to these questions. “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.” (Jesus – Matthew 7:13-14).  

     A truth revolutionist assumes nothing about truth and questions everything. Like someone meticulously examining all the details of a legal contract before signing, truth revolutionaries operate on this basic assumption: deception lurks everywhere, and truth must be diligently ferreted out. Paul’s admonition to Timothy is the mantra of a truth revolutionary: “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

     Are you a truth revolutionary?

“They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching” (Acts 2:42)

    The Israeli excavation site near Jerusalem was abuzz with speculation. Although it had thus far yielded few artifacts of interest, there was optimism that a monumental discovery was imminent. The recently-discovered parchments pointed to this site as the location of the ancient stone vault. Evidence indicated that within the vault was a solitary document that could solve one of history’s greatest mysteries. Centuries of dispute and controversy would be resolved, and long-held beliefs and creeds would either be validated or discredited. The schisms that had characterized Christianity for over 2,000 years would potentially end. The discovery of the Apostles’ Scroll would have far-reaching implications.

     The Apostles’ Scroll began as oral tradition. The remaining eleven of the original Twelve recounted the essential teachings they received firsthand from Jesus the Nazarene. The private instruction they received following his public teaching comprised the core fundamental beliefs that became the essential tenets of the Christian faith. As they recounted what they had been taught the priorities of his distinctive teachings became evident. A body of teaching that would serve the fledgling first-century movement began to take shape.

     The astounding growth of the freshly-birthed Church necessitated careful instruction of new converts in the essential teachings of Jesus. Orally relaying the Apostles’ teachings was inherently unreliable, with potential for misinterpretation as well as personal bias and commentary. Something more was needed – an accurate, reliable written instruction document. And thus came to be the Apostles’ Scroll – the irrefutable and comprehensive instruction manual of the teachings of Jesus as penned and recorded by his most reliable witnesses.

     The discovery of the Apostles’ Scroll makes for exciting drama, but finds little basis in concrete truth … or does it? Are the teachings of Jesus, as carefully taught to new converts by the original apostles, preserved in some form? Is there a “scroll” to be located that unravels centuries-old mysteries and resolves ancient conflicts and controversies? There is, and it is much closer than most people realize. It is as near as the New Testament writings of the Bible. But, discovering and extracting these fundamental teachings from the New Testament requires careful diligence. The task must be approached with an open mind; a willingness to let the body of teachings become self-evident, rather than squeezing teachings to fit predetermined suppositions. They will be discovered only through an objective fact-finding mission, and that is the doorway to The Truth Revolution – a rediscovery of the life-changing teachings of Jesus that has potential for dynamic impact and change such as the world has not seen since the first century.

Not everyone is a revolutionary at heart. Comfortable traditions suit the majority of people.

Our guess is that you are not typical of the majority; otherwise you would not still be reading and exploring. So, we’ll make the assumption that you have the open heart and mind that characterizes a revolutionary in the truest sense of the word. And, as such, you are on the verge of a discovery that will change everything.

Ponder this question for a moment: What do you know about the ultimate revolutionary, Jesus? What do you truly know about his character and nature? What do you know about His main misson and purpose?

Traditionally, the church has provided answers that few have questioned or explored. Most people have found those answers confusing, but few have seriously questioned or explored what they have been taught.

Have you ever wondered how God and Jesus could somehow be the same being? Does the idea that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are “co-equal and co-eternal” seem confusing?

And what about afterlife: does going to heaven at death to play a harp on a pink cloud truly appeal to you? Does the idea of deceased loved ones looking down from heaven at the trials and tragedies of their families and friends in this life seem like a perfect existence to you?

And what about the main purpose of Jesus: was it really all about His death, burial, and resurrection? What was He doing the other three and a half years of His adult work? How many people understand what He meant when He spoke of the kingdom of heaven and kingdom of God?

If you’ve ever read the Book of Acts in the New Testament of the Bible, have you wondered why the church seems to have “lost its steam” two thousand years later? Is it possible that erroneous teachings have affected individual lifestyles and the collective relationships of church members?

Many people find these questions threatening. Answers are best left to Bible scholars and theologians. But, there are rare individuals who yearn for solid answers, regardless of the implications for their traditionally-held beliefs.

You are still reading, so we believe you are one of those rare individuals.

Welcome to The Revolution.